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Natural Skincare

Sally B’s Skin Yummies blends organic, natural and wild-crafted ingredients into luxurious skin care and cosmetic products that are both people and planet friendly. Developed by hand, all of Sally B’s products are nourishing, effective and, most importantly, non-toxic and Paraben-free. While Sally B’s principal focus is personal care products for both men and women, their overarching goal is to provide education and resources for well-being and to serve as an advocate for full and balanced living.

Sally Larsen founded Sally B’s Skin Yummies to fill a void in the skincare industry. After undergoing a healthy lifestyle transformation at the turn of the century, Sally shockingly discovered that the personal care products she used every day had toxic ingredients and carried potential health risks. Immediately she began looking for healthy and effective alternatives, but unfortunately her search left her empty-handed. With an ever-growing line of effective and good-for-you products, Sally B’s Skin Yummies is dedicated to using the highest-quality, most effective ingredients possible. Each product is meticulously hand developed in small batches in order to maintain quality and integrity. Not only does this ensure that the products contain the freshest ingredients possible, but it also affords Sally the luxury of improving upon recipes when new, beneficial ingredients are discovered or become available.

While Sally B’s Skin Yummies is unquestioningly passionate about their products, they also feel strongly about education associated with personal care products, their potential health hazards and alternatives for an overall well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Through their website and social media, in-town events, and support of national platforms such as the Environmental Working Group EWG), Sally B’s aims to teach people how to self-police the unregulated world of personal care products and find alternatives that are free of toxic ingredients and that work.